Prayer Requests

Please note that these prayer requests were “privately” shared and should be used for personal prayer time only.  Never repost a request without permission from the individual.  Please note: I delete names and use initials unless the person is present or have permission to use the name publicly.

10/04/2015 Prayer/Praise Meeting (leader Jon Anderson)

  1. Sunday School- young people
  2. God will never give us more than we can handle-With Him
  3. P. B.s- home from the hospital yesterday, everything looks good.
  4. Chris Levesque- 4th eye surgery on Wednesday- needs to be able to sleep face down for 6 months. Need a solution to keep him face down as he is a back sleeper.
    Comforting presence for Carol and Roger
  5. Rr’s sister DL -advanced lung cancer, had blood clot in her lung, Bring her peace and comfort as she goes through cancer treatment
  6. Angela-restore each person in the family. Needs spiritual uplift, feeling very overwhelmed with everything that is happening with her family right now.
  7. Shawna has a job-praise
  8. Mike and Christie’s house situation, clearing lot.
  9. Cindy Adcock-Tom was hurt in a football game, concussion and whiplash, but was ok.
  10. Ongoing bleeding issues in Sarah’s eyes.
  11. Praise, John & Jason’s helper was not more injured when he accidentally shot himself with a nail gun, missed arteries and bone.
  12. Angela hearing for disability is on Tuesday
4/19/2015 Prayer/Praise Meeting (Leader Pastor Wallace Street)
  1. Sunday School & Prayer & Praise
  2. Root Cellar, Joel & his ministry at the Root Cellar; Volunteers, Turkey Baskets for Thanksgiving
  3. Cindy Adcock- praise she can be back here, Sabrina is at U Maine Presque Isle, She has found a church there.
  4. Angela- thankful for prayers from the church family
  5. Andy- friend’s girlfriend has breast cancer, prayer for healing and comfort during this time
  6. Wallace- thankful for treatment course  and doctors that have taken care of her throughout her treatment. Nancy is feeling good.
  7. Wallace- prayer for Gerry, Phil and Arlene as they feel the frailties of their age. Protection from falls, illnesses etc.

4/19/2015 Prayer/Praise Meeting

  1. Sunday Schools and Prayer & Praise
  2. Rick-Walter & Blanche Parker for Walter’s encouraging love and loving others. Prayer for Blanche as she is weaker with the congestive heart failure.
  3. Rick- Thankful for music team
  4. Ron- prayer for Richard Parker, will be here next week will do a few songs. Will be the first time he has been up since his Wife Pat passed away last year.
  5. James- Roger shared a dream that James really wanted to know what it meant.
    God gave him the answer “Hate what is Evil, cling to what is good” James wants that for all of us.
  6. Joanie- Jon is ill, has sore throat and chest congestion. This is a recurring issue that seems to happen every year. Praying that this will not develop into pneumonia as it has on other occasions.
  7. Greg-Bert Holland having heart valve issues, wife Judy is concerned about his health.
  8. Cindy A.- Charlotte- little girl that she had brought up for prayer a while back for cancer, is a normal healthy little girl after one treatment.
  9. Joan-Jazmin’s white blood cell count is still too low, still very energetic and outgoing. Praying for financial situation for Jessie and Jason for the treatments.
  10. Ron- Gerry- very weak. was here today. needs to have her heart go back to sinus rhythm instead of a-fib
  11. Carol- Rolly Violette funeral service, good time of fellowship and sharing with folks from the old church. somewhat of a healing experience for many who had left St. Matthews.
  12. Rick-Lewis-loss of Vergil his father to cancer on Wednesday.Sister Regina. Prayer for comfort for the family as they deal with the loss of their Dad. For Anne Marie as she grieves the loss of her husband.
  13. Greg- Denis Lanoie -prayer for the consultations tomorrow
  14. Joan and Jon ‘s son-in-law surgery upcoming, Heidi arranged a surprise party for him as a memory for him before he goes into surgery.
  15. Encouraging Love, Love Others!
  16. 3/29/2015 Prayer/Praise Meeting
  17. Sunday Schools & Prayer and Praise Service
  18. Roger—Rolly has pancreatic cancer, praise for his life and how God has worked in it, prayer for him
  19. Johnny—Buddy Williams having heart surgery tomorrow.
  20. Ron—Prayer for Nancy Street.  Meeting with t–cell lymphoma specialist tomorrow.  One of the top in this field.
  21. Ron—Prayer for Lois’ brother-in-law Denis diagnosed with cancer.  Removed tumor from colon, but still a tumor on the liver.
  22. Lewis—Update on Virgil, another tumor on the brain. Going in for another surgery this week.
  23. Gene—Prayer for Ruth Marstaller not in good shape.
  24. Jon A—Praise for safety over the miles and the time with his family.
  25. Jon A—Prayer for son-in-law Alex, surgery coming up in the summer.
  26. Greg—Prayer for Kim, going in for another heart catheterization.
  27. Dee—Prayer for next Sunday’s outreach to the children.
  28. 2/22/2015 Prayer/Praise Meeting
  29. Sunday Schools & Prayer and Praise Service
  30. Prayer: Douglas last day at Spurwink last night-needs a new job
  31. Praise:  LACO- Good Shepherd-connection at Hannaford for meat for the clients
  32. Praise: LACO Valentine party turnout
  33. Praise:  B&M product donated to LACO
  34. Nate-Praise: Water in the trailer park, frozen pipe issue resolved
  35. Rod-praise blessed with the church family and situations that have been brought through
  36. Lewis’ Dad meds not working, can be put into remission, can’t be cured.  Has tumors on inside ribs, and in brain. In good spirits, felt well enough for working with the dogs and the sheep this week.
  37. National day of prayer for CMA next Sunday
  38. Loann walking on her own, doing physical therapy
  39. Dee surgery recovery
  40. Persecuted Christians in the middle east- Rise up against the atrocities
  41. Kendra Sandford-keep in prayer in the area she is living
  42. Beverly Craig-Shingles
  43. Jenn’s Grandmother-mild stroke Saturday
  44. 11/16/2014 Prayer/Praise Meeting
  45. Sunday Schools
  46.  Mike- Praise Christie looking good, will be going to specialist every other year now.
  47. Unspoken
  48. Katie-Jake’s family- Grandfather passed away, safe travels for the family back from Ohio
  49. Joan- Jon- scratched cornea- from working on the truck something fell into his eye
  50. Rick- Jeanette & Joe situation- Joe not expected to last the day. Prayer for the family that is nearby.
  51. Gene- National Political level- new folks work together put the country back on the right direction
  52. Rick- Christian Brothers and Sisters who are being martyred for the Cause of Christ
  53. Carol- Patricia Parker family
  54. 10/09/2014 Prayer/Praise Meeting
  55. Sunday Schools & Teachers
  56. Leah & Mike are Moving to Buxton- prayers for closing to happen and for the move to occur this coming Saturday as planned.
  57. Linda- Thank God for blessing over her Father’s passing
  58. Greg- Heading out Thursday to Reno to be with Sarah for the birth of the first grandchild. Safety in travelling.
  59. Greg- Lady at the Library having health issues “Mary’ and her family.
  60. Leah- Missionaries to Argentina-James &  Denelle Morelle with their 6 children, Kendra protection where she is and what she is doing.
  61. Lewis: Kristin surgery Tuesday on her knee
  62. Lewis: Going to be heading to Kentucky Wednesday to be with his Dad-Vergil / dealing with cancer
  63. Greg- Dick and Pat Parker- comfort and healing for all the family.
  64. Cindy- co-worker Christy 5 year old daughter-Rachel in Barbara Bush Hospital  with HOH(blood cells destroying blood cells), having chemotherapy -healing, finances, relationships
  65. 10/05/2014 Prayer/Praise Meeting
  66. Sunday Schools, teachers, students. Word of God to become personal to each one
  67. Greg- Daughter went to specialist, baby gained 2 pounds in  3 weeks.  Looking good for when they decide to take the baby
  68. Mike- Prayer for the middle east, situation that the Christians there are facing.(Iraq especially) Persecuted church worldwide.Prayers include Military personnel worldwide.
  69. Kathy- Prayer for Wendy Springer’s granddaughter Ashley. Female internal problems.
  70. Leah- pastor from Liberia asking for awareness, Leah asked for prayer for the country and those effected by the ebola virus.
  71. Greg- prayer for the military being sent to the ebola infected areas, for safety. Plus for leadership in this country to find and use wisdom.
  72. Carol- Danielle,previously brought up by Carol for prayer) diagnosed for EEE in FL, was a tumor on her ovary outlook was very grim, was seen this week by Erica- she is 100% healed
  73. Angela- Grief Share Program, give an opportunity for those who have not known Jesus, will be drawn to Him through this.
  74. Greg- Thankful for Aaron and Amanda- being here and the church
  75. Don- For Sarah, laser Treatment in her eye, elevated white blood cell issue. Hand surgery and shoulder issues.
  76. Rod: Young Couples in the area- eyes to be opened to see that they need a church home & Jesus.
  77. Jenn- Comfort for the Families that lost their loved one so recently Lovine Cook’s family, Donald Miller’s family and Doug Springer’s family.
  78. 09/28/2014 Prayer/Praise Meeting
  79. Sunday Schools & Fellowship here.
  80. Linda Bartolec:  Jerry(friend from lewiston) – Eye surgery this week.
  81. Priscilla: praise Don and Sarah have their own house and able to have an open house
  82. Priscilla: Andy- on the road Mission of mercy moving a 5th wheel to Massachusetts for a family in need
  83. Kathy Fulton: Sister Jeanette had some tests to check for cancer, not totally clean bill of health, but no cancer.
  84. Ron: thankful for being able to be in prayer and praise today. High School only one student today.Rest are away. Should be back next week. Case for Creationism.
  85. Leah: Ashley,a girl she mentored in Ohio(age 14), tried to commit suicide last week, when she got out of hospital, her mother committed suicide in Louisiana, her Dad, Grant Hanshaw has ptsd,, his son discovered the mother in Louisiana. Grant was divorced from the mother, son lived with her.  Daughters (Sarah & Ashley) live with him in Ohio.Will be travelling this week to Louisiana for services. Pray for family involved. Grant & daughters live with his mom in Ohio.
  86. Rick: Uncle Don having medical issues, called Rick’s brother Randy saying he was not ready to die, Randy told Don that he thought that he thought that Don needed to talk to a minister. Praise for Randy giving right leading to Don. prayer for Randy for his situation, spiritual and medical needs.
  87. Rick- thankful for the music set today. esp “Your Grace Finds Me”
  88. Emily:  Harpswell- tripped on the rocks a few weeks ago.  Physical therapy starts this week, prayer for the therapy to get her back on track where she wants to be.
  89. Greg: Kim is doing much better, thankful for prayers.  Sarah & Dogan & Beckett(baby)- prayers for baby to go to full term and for everything to go smoothly. Safety for travel  to Reno for Greg, Kim 2 cats and Dog when they head out. For house to sell when it is time.